Tardis Core Package Documentation


TARDIS is an open-source Monte Carlo radiative-transfer spectral synthesis code for 1D models of supernova ejecta. It is designed for rapid spectral modelling of supernovae. It is developed and maintained by a multi-disciplinary team including software engineers, computer scientists, statisticians, and astrophysicists.

If you use this code for any publications or presentations please follow our citation guidelines in Credits & Publication Policies

User modifications and additions that lead to publications need to be handed back to the community by incorporating them into TARDIS. Please contact the TARDIS team via the github page if you have questions or need assistance.


GSOC 2017


TARDIS participates in the Google Summer of Code 2017 program as part of the Python Software Foundation!

SOCIS 2016

TARDIS is part of ESA’s Summer of Code in Space 2016 program!

GSOC 2016


TARDIS has been selected as a mentoring organisation for the Google Summer of Code 2016 program!