Quickstart Guide

To run TARDIS requires two files. The atomic database (for more info refer to Atomic Data for TARDIS) and a configuration file (more info at Configuration File). You can obtain a copy of the atomic database from the tardis-refdata repository (atom_data subfolder). We recommended to use the kurucz_cd23_chianti_H_He.h5 dataset.

Running TARDIS in the commandline

After installing TARDIS just download the configuration file from the tardis-setups and the standard atomic data set from the tardis-refdata repository and run TARDIS. Assuming you have wget, you could follow the procedure:

mkdir tardis_example
cd tardis_example
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tardis-sn/tardis-setups/master/2014/2014_kerzendorf_sim/appendix_A1/tardis_example.yml
wget https://github.com/tardis-sn/tardis-refdata/raw/master/atom_data/kurucz_cd23_chianti_H_He.h5
tardis tardis_example.yml output_spectrum.dat

Then plot the output_spectrum.dat with your favourite plotting program. Here’s an example how to do this with python. (The only thing you need to install is ipython and matplotlib - in addition to TARDIS’s requirements)

ipython --pylab
>>> tardis_spec = loadtxt('output_spectrum.dat')
>>> plot(tardis_spec[:,0], tardis_spec[:,1])

More atomic datasets can be downloaded from Atomic Data for TARDIS.

Graphical User Interface

To get a detailed explanation on gui layout go to Graphical User Interface .

To setup and run the GUI(under development) follow these steps:

The gui can use one of two python bindings for qt, namely PyQt4 and PySide. You can choose which binding is used by setting the environment variable QT_API in your bash.

1. Installing required packages

source activate tardis
conda install ipython=3.0.0 pyside=1.2.1 shiboken=1.2.1

2. Choosing between PySide and PyQt4

#To choose PySide
export QT_API=pyside

#To choose PyQt
export QT_API=pyqt

3. An example of creating a model and GUI

To show the gui from the ipython shell use the following commands.

ipython --pylab=qt4
>>> from tardis import run_tardis
>>> mdl = run_tardis('yamlconfigfile.yml', 'atomdatafile.h5')
>>> from tardis.gui import interface
>>> interface.show(mdl)

If you just want to run from a configuration file and show the results, you can do that outside the ipython shell.To do this navigate to the folder where you installed tardis and go to tardis/tardis/gui, and use the following command.

python interface.py path-to-yaml-configuration-file path-to-atomic-data-file