Procedure to update the reference dataΒΆ

We asume that you have added the necessary changes to TARDIS and have a PR open.

  1. clone tardis-refdata (git clone tardis-refdata; you need to have git lfs installed) then make a new branch named

    the same as your new tardis feature branch.

  2. Generate new reference data (in your tardis directory and right branch) offline using

    python test --args="--tardis-refdata=<path to refdata repo/with the right branch> --generate-reference"
  3. Rerun the tests and see if it does not fail using

    python test --args="--tardis-refdata=<path to refdata repo/with the right branch>"
  4. Switch to tardis-refdata. Commit the changed ref-data and open a PR on tardis-refdata

  5. Make a copy of the refdata comparer notebook provided in TARDIS-refdata to check if there are

    any unexpected changes in the updated reference data and the previous reference data

  6. Switch back to the TARDIS directory. Open .travis.yml

  7. Change the following lines

    - if [[ $TEST_MODE == 'spectrum' ]]; then git fetch origin pull/<your TARDIS-refdata PR number; not the TARDIS PR number>/head:<some descriptive name>; fi
    - if [[ $TEST_MODE == 'spectrum' ]]; then git checkout <some descriptive name>; fi```
  8. Commit the .travis.yml to your Pull request

  9. Make sure that your TARDIS PR now passes on TRAVIS.

  10. Then merge the PR on tardis-refdata.

  11. Then change .travis.yml to

    - if [[ $TEST_MODE == 'spectrum' ]]; then git fetch origin; fi
    - if [[ $TEST_MODE == 'spectrum' ]]; then git checkout origin/master; fi```
  12. Then make sure that your TARDIS PR passes again.

  13. Then merge your PR to TARDIS master

  14. Congratulations - you updated TARDIS to be better. Have a beer and steak (or Tofu if you are vegetarian/vegan)